Scenes from the Weekend

Friday night my girl, Kerri, and I decided to head out to Napa to hang out at one of our favorite spots - Carpe Diem. As always it was a really good time and we also got to check out the progress on the bar they are opening next door! We're pretty excited for them (my liver not so much)!
After heading home on Saturday morning blasting N'Sync and belting out all the lyrics that is when my not so good friend hangover decided to come by for a visit. I tried to park my bum on the couch but there was this sweet little face begging me to take him out. Obviously over being my muse as well.
So out in the 95+ degree heat we went to the dog park - it was as much energy as I could muster. 
But I am pretty sure I became his favorite that day. While at the dog park a Susie Cakes mobile drove up and decided to hand out boxes of cupcakes to everyone who loves their dog. As soon as I got that box - park time was over! Sorry Finn, mama was hot, hungover and now her cupcakes were melting!
I may or may not have shared
Sunday we decided it was time to cut our pumpkins off the vine. We have been growing them since March and there was no room for them to grow anymore. We decided to keep a total of three with those top two weighing in at 27 pounds! 
I named them - Bibbity, Bobbity & Boo

The color is amazing - so much better than a grocery store pumpkin!
Sunday evening we were also greeted by these two beautiful faces. I swear people just keep throwing wood onto the baby fire! Amber just had Logan three months ago - and already looks like her hot self! 
See this is how I get tricked because I hang around children when they are sweet and sleeping!

On Sunday we also had a pretty big fire flair up on Mt. Diablo, which is the mountain we got married on! The fire grew steadily all day and David and I hiked up one side of the mountain around 9 pm last night to try and see it closer up. (Don't worry we were still really far away!) I tried to get some good photos with my mega zoom lens. For the life of me I could not figure out how to take pictures at night time!! If anyone has tips please pass them along. This was probably the best shot I got and as you can see it's still not sharp. 
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm excited for this week because it's a short one for me!



  1. Those pumpkins are amazing - I can't believe I've never thought to grow some. They are so perfect for fall decorating!

  2. That baby is only 3-months? Wow! He looks and acts much older! So alert! Those pumpkins are AMAZING!!
    We head to SF/Napa tomorrow morning at 6:20am! WOOT!!

  3. Don't you hate how those hangovers sneak up on you? Ugh.

    I love your pumpkins, that orange color is gorgeous!


  4. Your pumpkins are so cute!! And I love what you named them ;)
    I tried to spend time outside with deedee at the dog park this weekend too - but it was wayyy to humid and we didn't last long!
    Are fires a common thing around your area? That would've scared me!!

    xx em

  5. Cannot believe those pumpkins came out of the garden! So impressed!! And Amber and Logan both look are in real trouble my friend! ;)

  6. Once I saw your photo of those pumpkins on Instagram, I wanted some immediately! I can't wait to put them on our porch with some other fall decorations.

    I hope that fire goes out soon! Those are always so scary, because they can spread so quickly!

    Logan is such a cutie! I love that name too.

  7. Looks like a fun weekend! I am jealous you went to Napa- I have been trying to get up there for months!


  8. Love love love the pumpkins!!! So glad we could stop by this weekend, and I hope we added lots of fuel to your baby fire! Logan needs more friends 😉 thanks for all the kind words Logan is the best! Love you happilyeverparker and thoughts and prayers to all those fighting that awful fire!

  9. Haha I LOVE the names of the pumpkins. Those are a pretty solid size!

  10. You are so cute! I want to hang out with you.

  11. Yay for pumpkins!!! and your hair do friday night? LOVE! Aaron and I booked a weekend Napa trip for our 2 year anniversary in excited! It will be our first time there...we may have to try Carpe Diem.. :)

  12. I've never seen pumpkins that big before!! I'd love to have one for my front porch. I wish you could ship one to me! Don't think it would hold up in the process and would cost a fortune to ship!

  13. 1) I am OBSESSED with Susie Cakes and I'm (un)secretly totally jealous ;)
    2) I adore your pumpkins!! And even more adore the names you gave them :)

  14. Ohhh my gooossh. Give me one of those cupcakes! Those look to die for!!