One Year Gift Guide

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our one year anniversary is on the 6th and I still have not gotten David a present. I am lagging! Here are some ideas I have going.

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones: Are these that cool? Not so sure what the big deal is about them aside from being wireless. Which okay is pretty cool. Looks like a good man gift. Anyone have them? Bonus: I can "borrow" them!

Armani Exchange Watch: David has been mentioning he would like a gold watch. I think this one is rather dashing but I don't know how he would feel about the black face. Bonus: I can "borrow" this also!

Rechargeable Flashlight: I have said it before but the key to David's heart is flashlights and knives. Pretty sure I would be a very good wife if he was unwrapping this on the 6th.

Tool Cabinet: This would be another "you're an amazing wife gift".

Marmot Hoody: I recently bought David a Marmot hoody and he loves it. Great quality and it keeps him nice and warm. Can't go wrong with this one.

Pendelton Shirt: David also has an affinity for these shirts (why I have no idea). We do have a store near our house however that I could easily pop into if I procrastinate any longer.

Minnetonka Slippers: David has Ugg slippers but hates how they put the label where your heel rests in the shoe. These look cozy and are half the price!

iPad Mini: This would be great for when David travels for work. However I already own an iPad so it seems silly to get this as well. However mine does not have 3G on it so that would be great for the plane.

And since I wanted to stick to tradition of paper I will be getting him a...CARD! :) It's about as brilliant as I want to get. 

Next week I will be having Wedding Week here on the blog. Since I didn't have a blog during the planning stages I thought it would be fun to look back on and share! Hope you will pop over!


  1. Guys are always so hard to shop for! Looks like you've got some great ideas, though. And happy early anniversary!

  2. My husband would love that tool cabinet! Good ideas :)


  3. Great ideas! I'm sure he would love any of them :)
    A tool cabinet is on my list to get Aaron this Christmas (more a gift for me though cuz I HATE all of his tools lying all over the basement - haha ;)
    Excited to see posts from your wedding next week!
    xx em

  4. Whatever you get him, he will love! And cannot WAIT for wedding week!! Woo hoo!

  5. Zack is IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for, I know most men can be difficult, but I swear he's among the worst. Let me run down your list to show how serious this is.

    Headphones- Doesn't listen to or follow music, unless it's the radio in his car or tractor or I'm playing it. He is a freak to me for this reason alone.
    Watch-Bought him a nice watch that he loves...but has only worn probably three times in the last three years when I've told him to,
    Flashlight-He's a farmer, he has tons of this crap.
    Tool Cabinet- He's a farmer, he has tons of this crap.
    Marmot Hoody- This is actually a good one, I may use it.
    Shirt-I could see him loving these too. THANK YOU!
    Slippers-Bought him a nice pair. Never wears them. So I wear them, Ugh.
    iPad- We have two, he uses neither of them.

    Do you see what an impossible person I married? Haha. Basically my only options are clothes...since he can't exactly run around naked and won't buy them himself. So I love you dearly for these clothing suggestions...making note of them now for Christmas when I'll be going out of my mind for ideas!

    Can't wait for wedding week here!!!

  6. I really like that watch and the flannel.
    My dad wears those slippers like it's his job! He always asks for a new pair every Christmas haha

  7. iPad is definitely on the last for a possible year 2 gift :) Toolboxes are great as well!

  8. These ideas are great! I'm sure he would LOVE the ipad mini ;) Slippers are also great, I got Mike a pair a few Christmas' ago, he wears them all the time!

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  9. So many good ideas! Andrew's birthday is next week, so I may steel some of these :: He's been wanting new headphones!

  10. What great ideas! Guys are always so hard to shop for...

  11. I like all your ideas! I'll keep them in mind for Theo's bday next month and our 1 year anniversary in December! I say get him the watch so you can wear it too!