25 weeks - 6 months!

How far along: 25 weeks, 1 day (3 more months to go!)
Mini is the size of a: an eggplant (9 in., 1.7 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yes. I can still wear normal tops but maternity tops are better for more length.
Stretch Marks: Using my mustela and have not seen one yet. However the lower half of my linea nigra is starting to darken.
Sleep: starting to count the kicks before bed instead of sheep. Little one is gaining some power!
Symptoms: None this week
Best Moment of the Week: Yesterday we headed to the coast and just hung out. Any day where I wind up next to the ocean is a good one in my book!
Movement: so much, trying to get a good kick on video to share. I swear every time I hit record she goes camera shy.
Cravings: fruit, loving strawberries right now
Gender: girl
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: no thankfully!
What I Miss: Had a girls night on Friday and man I missed all that wine. What I don't miss...hangovers :)
What I am Looking Forward to: Our house hunt is officially ON. So exciting to begin actually touring some homes. Now we just need more inventory!
Labor Signs: yikes - NO
Nursery: I bought the larger version of this basket from Target and put some of her stuffed animals in it but that is it for last week!
Emotions: Happy :)

Also want to wish my mama a Happy Birthday today! She is off in Aruba I am sure having a blast!! Love you mom!!


  1. Looking so great Laura!! Hope you guys get to start seeing some places that could be the one!! Happy Monday!

  2. Looking gorgeous as always! Yay for the house hunt! Good luck and have fun with it :)

  3. Looking fabulous as always!! So exciting about the house hunting! Good luck!


  4. Looking so good and yes wishing you the best with finding a house. We're in the same boat and it is SO hard. :(

  5. good luck hunting for the houses!

  6. Love the progression! And isn't it true that while you miss the wine you definitely don't miss the hangovers the next morning!

  7. mmmm im loving strawberries lately too! its a great craving to have!
    stop by, im hosting a giveaway. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Some ppl still have a glass every now and then. I didn't but I don't see why not.. :)

  9. Cute as ever, mama! Happy Cinco!

  10. Your pregnancy is going by SO fast. I was on bart this morning and thought of you when they were talking about the seats for elderly and pregnant women, hopefully people have been giving up their seats because I can't imagine that ride if they don't.

  11. Where is the time going?! You're looking amazing! And I agree - any day spent by the beach is a good one :) Happy Monday!

  12. You look gorgeous, girlfriend!!! Only 3 more months! :) :)

  13. I just adore the bump shots. You look fantastic! I can't believe it's flying by so quickly! Happy house hunting!

  14. You're glowing!! Best of luck with house hunting!!

  15. Gorgeous as always! I love reading your bumpdates every week!

  16. so happy and so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!

  17. Lookin' good girlfriend!
    That basket that you bought for her room is so darn cute. I want one! I'm sure I can find a good place for it ;)
    When I'm pregnant, remind me to buy some of that Mustela stuff, especially if it's working so well for you!

  18. House hunting is so much fun! I hope you guys have some good luck!

  19. You look amazing! Loving the look back at all your pics....I agree the wine was tough to give up but no hangovers was awesome!

  20. Looking good!!! Good luck with house hunt!! Also I agree about the wine and hangovers... my first post baby hangover was rough!!