27 weeks - Last week of 2nd Trimester!

How far along: 27 weeks, 2 days
Mini is the size of a: a cucumber (how a cucumber is larger than an eggplant is beyond me)  (15 in., 2.2 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yes ma'am!
Stretch Marks: Stay the hell away!
Sleep: Nightly bathroom visits and the very awful SPD which I'll explain below.
Symptoms: SPD is Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction. For weeks now I felt like I have pulled a muscle in my left inner thigh. The Symphysis Pubis is the joint that connects the two halves of your pelvis. Common in pregnancy this joint stretches because your body produces a hormone called relaxin (ha! Anything but!) which softens these ligaments so eventually the baby can pass through the pelvis. Well needless to say it hurts like hell. Putting on my pants and sleeping are so uncomfortable I literally wince. Sadly it looks like this is going to hang around for the last 13 weeks of my pregnancy.
Best Moment of the Week: Making nursery progress without doing anything in the actual room yet.
Movement: yes and I think I may have felt her hiccup a couple of days ago. But not really sure.
Cravings: Strawberries
Gender: Little Lady
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope!
What I Miss: my waist
What I am Looking Forward to: the upcoming three day weekend!
Labor Signs: negative
Nursery: We purchased a chair for the nursery (sadly not the Pottery Barn one) but still I am pretty excited about it and it's comfortable! Picked out paint for the dresser, highchair and nightstand. I have also started picking up some little things like baby laundry detergent and such. I know it's a bit early to be doing that but when I see it in my cartwheel app I buy it while it's on sale.
Emotions: Had a major temper TANTRUM Saturday morning - like woah. Blame the baby what can I say.


  1. Sorry to hear about the SPD. Maybe it will go away. Around the same point that you're at I had MAJOR rib pain. I mean, so bad, that I thought I had gallstones.
    Well, they never could figure out what it was. It hung around for about 6-8weeks then went away. I would literally cry it was so bad. It was made worse when I ate anything remotley bad for me which really helped me control my weight.
    And, as far at the PBK chair, I think it's overpriced. We found one similar and for the half the cost and it's been awesome. Getting closer by the day! :)

  2. The SPD sounds terrible, so sorry you have to go through that!! Looking gorgeous as always though! So excited to see the nursery!

  3. You are so beautiful! I'm also craving strawberries, but with sugar. Oh goodness, and I'm not even preggers!
    I hope you start feeling better soon! Xoxo

  4. Looking fabulous as always! The SPD doesn't sound fun but hoping it eases up a little!


  5. "What I miss: My waist" haha you are too cute! I adore these posts! Hope you start feeling better! xoxo

  6. I have tempter tantrums that are hunger induced and I'm not preggers so I have 0 excuse lol! Hope the SPD gets a little more bearable for you!!

  7. Looking great mama! Can't believe you're in the home stretch...third trimester...here you come!

  8. Ugh, so sorry to hear about the SPD, that does not sound fun. I'm all about the strawberries right now, too! Can't wait to hear about what you're doing in the nursery!

  9. You look amazing. Sorry to hear about the leg pain. That sucks. I swear Mac cracked one of my ribs while I was pregnant with him. The last few weeks of my pregnancy was really really uncomfortable and I could barely breathe until he finally dropped. Third trimester can be not much fun. Hang in there mama, it will go by so fast. So much to do in the final weeks. You're looking fabulous! Are you doing maternity photos (I highly recommend it)?

  10. Sorry to hear about the SPD. Hopefully the pain subsides soon, even though I know it won't be going away permanently until baby girl is here.

  11. Look at that adorable bump! So cute!
    I am sorry about the SPD. Not fun...

  12. That sucks about the SPD :( that sounds so uncomfortable and I'm so sorry you are in pain when trying to sleep (aka the best time of day) - I hope you are able to find a way to soothe the discomfort!! Can't believe you are already almost 30 weeks! Where does time go??

  13. New to your blog, but love all the baby bump pics! You look great! I've never heard if SPD, but it doesn't sounds fun, hope your discomfort eases soon!

  14. You are adorable!! I hate that about the SPD! My hips came out of line because of the ligament swelling and it was miserable!

  15. Looking gorgeous, sweet mama!! Hope the SPD knocks it off...

  16. Ouch on the SPD! Hope you get some rest and feel better soon! That damn Cartwheel! I end up stock up so much all the time. lol! Happy 3rd Tri!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  17. Looking beautiful as always! Love these little questions every week! So fun! I hope the SPD goes away asap! Yay for finding a chair for the nursery! :)

  18. BEAUTIFUL!! Sorry bout that awful SPD! Have you noticed your hair growing much longer? I never did! Random ?, I know. :)

  19. You've got quite a "glow" this week! Loving you in that mint color! That SPD sounds terrible! I hope you can find some sort of relief soon! I can't believe next week marks the 3rd trimester for us already! Where has the time gone?!

  20. You are so adorable! Love the pic recap and can't wait to "meet" the beautiful gal!