Loving Lately

Alright so if you have been reading along you know I was a sad mama bear about the imminent return to work. Well you know what I am not sad about...paychecks! Haven't seen one of those babies in quite some time! Of course my husband is good at sharing he just doesn't understand why Presley needs shoes when she is not walking yet. (Honestly neither do I but they sure are dang cute!)

So let's take it back to all the things I have been eyeing since those paychecks ended shall we?

Scalloped Lace Tank
I just got this tank in white and black because at my Banana by my office they were $11.60 each. I mean come on...

Wedge Espadrilles
These remind me of those adorable Chanel espadrilles you know minus the Chanel part...

 Hip Hippo Plush
Loving the little floral elements on the ears and tail. Would look so cute on a bookshelf.

Ponte Moto Jacket
This looks cute but it's on major sale and has no customer reviews so I'm leary. 

Pom Pom Stroller Blanket 
I bought this blanket in red (no longer available) for Presley to have during the holidays. (You know because she needs another blanket like I need a third eye.) Well I love it! I especially love that the dots look like little hearts. This would make a great gift for a new little!

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Dark Plaid
Can't you see this for every "I love America" occasion? I mean I don't know about those gold pants but again I am no fashion queen.

I guess that is good for now...until next week!


  1. That lace top is so pretty! For only $11.80 it was a steal!!

  2. that moto jacket and those espadrilles are calling your name girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Loving that moto jacket and how adorable are those blankets!

  4. I love the pom pom stroller blanket! I don't have it, but my friend does and I'm envious every time she pulls it out for her little one! Next baby I have is getting that blanket for sure :-)

  5. sign me up for all things boyfriend.

  6. Loving the moto jacket - so classic. Time for your first back-to-work treat ;)

  7. Love love love that lace top!! So cute!! I would be leary about the moto jacket too!

  8. Oooo I love those espadrilles! So cute! And those blankets look too cozy.


  9. Loving everything! I bought a plaid boyfriend button down from ON and love it.

  10. I wish we were neighbors, so we could share each other's closets. That would be so fun! Loving that ponte jacket...added it to my wish list :) Maybe we'll get it for our birthdays?....you're a March baby too, right??

    And I want that elephant so badly...it's just so dang adorable!