My Rescue

I can never quite articulate the amount of joy that Finn has brought into our lives. He is a constant companion, an explosion of fur, a tailless wonder. I can still remember the day I drove to Stockton to pick him up after David found him on Petfinder.

I was nervous.

Would he like me? Would I know right away? What on earth was I getting myself into?
When I put my hand on that chain link fence and he put his paw to mine - it was sealed. I didn't even need to hold him, play with him or simply interact with him.

He was ours and more importantly we were his.

Happy 5 years together buddy - to many, many more.



  1. aww love this Laura!!! We love our rescue dog Sampson to the moon and back. I think he actually rescued me. He is 15 years old and going strong! xoxo

  2. Oh my, how cute is Finn as a puppy?! He is still handsome now, but I'm swooning over that puppy pic!

  3. Made me tear up - exactly how I feel about both of my fur babes <3
    I think Finn is quite possibly one of the CUTEST puppies I've ever seen! Look at that face!
    Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary!! ;)

  4. He's one of the cutest pups ever. That puppy face kills me, so precious. Happy 5 years

  5. He seriously is a beautiful beautiful dog! I can't even handle the baby Finn picture! Happy 5 years!

  6. Heart this big time!! Can't believe our boys are 5 already!

  7. Awww this is seriously the sweetest! We got Bella in Stockton too!!

  8. Of course this made me cry. There is nothing quite like the love of a dog!

  9. Oh my goodness! he was such a cute puppy! I completely understand the special bond between a human and a dog. My golden retriever was 15 when he passed away a couple years ago. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him.