All dressed up and everywhere to go

I know a little while ago I talked about my problem of "fixation". Once I start running with something (i.e obsessing over it) there is no stopping me. It can actually drive me insane. Today I am talking birthday attire for P. I have found so many cute things that I think would work perfectly with the "floral" theme except the issue is I found them on Pinterest. Damn you Pinterest. Because when something is pinned if the company no longer carries it, it still lives with false purchasing hope on Pinterest.

Everything that I was like ohh, that would work was from Old Navy and it was so adorable. Adorably sold out.

So while we are not set on anything yet I thought these were all sweet choices. All from Egg by Susan Lazar. The issue with Egg...the price tag. Yikes.
I did purchase the crown (Fancy Free Finery) though so whatever she does wind up wearing must be matching!!

I purchased something last night on Etsy and it's so perfectly Rifle Paper Co. inspired I cannot wait to receive it! Head over to Shop Maisie Jane to see all of her adorable rompers, dresses & headbands!
We ordered this but requested it as a bubble romper! Can't wait to see my little lady in it!


  1. Seriously that is the sweetest thing ever!!! Does it come in my size? ;-)

  2. That is going to be adorable as a bubble romper! Because, really... you cannot go wrong with that style and the florals are gorgeous!!!

  3. aww she is going to look SO cute in that bubble! favoriting that etsy shop now! xo jillian - cornflake dreams