Farmer's Market & Freezer Trays

Every other Sunday I meet up with my good friend and her baby girl and we head to the Farmer's Market. When I was pregnant I knew that there were two things I really wanted nutrition wise for P. I wanted to breastfeed for a year (woo hoo almost there!) and I wanted to purchase and puree the majority of her food from local & organic sources whenever possible. Not only does this give me peace of mind that I know exactly what is going into her food, but it also saves us a lot of money. That being said, we still have our fair share of puffs and mum mum's around here!
What better than an afternoon nap while at the market?

Every Sunday evening I combine fruits and vegetables purchased at the market and blend it into combinations I hope P will like. In fact an easy way to do this is go to the store and look at all the pre made pouch combinations and then recreate at home!

Some of our favorite combinations are:

Apple, Blueberry & Spinach
Apricot, Mango & Kale
Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash & Apple (with a pinch of cinnamon)

Enter Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Trays & Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots
Before these trays I was using ice cube trays with covers. True story - my husband broke one completely in half trying to remove cubes from it a couple weeks ago. So these non stick, BPA free trays were a welcome change in our home.
Here I filled it with sweet potato & butternut squash combined.
Then once I have all the 1oz. portion slots filled I simply pop the top on and store it in the freezer! Super easy and it's a nice size tray so it doesn't take up as much room in my tiny freezer.
We did find that the cubes are a smidge difficult to pop out. But with just enough pressure on the little dot on the bottom it wiggles loose. When we are ready to feed P we simply heat them on the stove until they are a pile of mush! What's great about the Garden Fresh Storage Pots is that they serve the same purpose except you can take them on the go. So sometimes I will toss 2-3 pots in our diaper bag and by the time they are ready to be eaten it has thawed out and is ready to be devoured. Super convenient for mama & baby!
Nothing beats fresh!

I was provided these products to review by Nuby but as always these opinion are 100% my own. 

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  1. You go with those freezable trays, mama! I'm gonna have to channel your expertise a few months down the road!!!! xxxx

  2. Such a great idea and looks so convenient! Nothing beats fresh and organic foods!

  3. Go mama! I pooped out at one month for breastfeeding :( but it wasn't by choice, my supply dried up completely in one boob and was low in the other, and I really didn't want to go walking around with completely different sized boobs like that. So Sophie moved back to formula (we'd been supplementing from the beginning).

    Those trays are so cute! I would use them for anything honestly, not just puree food for a child.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. I always wonder how people get the food out of the frozen trays. I always struggle with ice! This would make it so simple!

  5. those sound awesome! i need to add them to my shopping list for Vi. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. This is great! I want to do the same thing when I'm a momma :) We've been really trying to eat much more organically lately, and I wish we had a local farmer's market nearby! xx

  7. Love this post! I planted some stuff in our garden with hopes to making our own baby food! Good to know about the nubby trays!