Dreaming in Neon

At the pool

bangle set 1 //  bangle set 2 // bangle set 3
pink tank // red and blue tank // floral romper

I've always felt like Memorial Day was the kickoff holiday of the summer and it has me dreaming in tassels and neon. I can't wait to break into all of P's summer attire! And while her game is always strong in the outfits department, this mama's is lacking! These are all pieces that have been hanging out in my virtual shopping cart but I have yet to actually buy. (Then I get the annoying email that I "forgot" items in my cart). Tell me I am not alone on that one.
This all just reminds me that I need to shop for a new bathing suit...another day, another day. I can't even handle that thought right now.


  1. Love the pink tank! I am such a sucker for pom poms!! AND you are so not alone. I normally have 5-10 items rocking in my ON chart at all times!

  2. I LOVE that coral top from Revolve! I have never heard of this site but it's SO pretty!

  3. Give me everything neon right now!! Ugh. Love it all...Can't stop. Won't stop. ;)

  4. Love that pink top and all those bracelets!

  5. Oh man, the pom pom top is just too cute. Want!