Loving Lately (Pst..I bought it all!)

The problem with working in San Francisco...is the shopping in San Francisco. My lunches get to be very expensive very quickly. Bummer too because most of the time it's nothing edible. I keep telling myself NO MORE clothes for P, which is so hard because now that she is in 12 month clothes it opened up a whole new section for me...TODDLER.
My latest haul (most of it on sale too!)

Sleeveless Plaid Shirt for Baby

 Patterned Flip Flops for Baby

Flamingo-Graphic Swimsuit (I bought this in a size 2 for next year)
Balconette Bikini Top - thanks all in part to Stephanie who told me I could wrassle my DD into this (she wasn't lying - I will also blame the above purchases on her as well since it came from the same place)
Freshly Picked Moccs - Platinum. We took advantage of the one day sale yesterday and sized up! PS whenever Freshly Picked has a sale we purchase them at Nordstrom because hello...free shipping!
Garden Floral Table Runner - funny fact I don't have a table this can even fit on but it was too perfect for P's birthday so in my cart it went (and they gave me a 20% off coupon!)
I also got these to match. You know for my imaginary fruit bowl.

Floral Khaki Shorts (part of me thinks these scream mom - do they?)
And my naughtiest purchase of them all is this amazing sweater. I justified it because I sold the same amount of my old clothes on eBay. So let's just consider that a wash shall we?
Next on my list is something from this collection...I will get my paws on it!
I can hear her calling my name!

I also bought a new blog template so get ready for a facelift here at HAP!


  1. Oh my!! Loving all those items for Miss P!! And yay for a blog lift - can't wait to see x

  2. The flamingo bathingsuit is just too cute! And girl I feel ya - everyday on my lunch break I buy something...a dress yesterday and who knows what I'll get today LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. ooh so many cute things! i love that plaid top for P :) adorable! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I Am the same way with toddler clothes especially summer clothes!!! It is so addicting and that plaid shirt is way cute!

  5. I Am the same way with toddler clothes especially summer clothes!!! It is so addicting and that plaid shirt is way cute!

  6. I love everything you got! Esp that sweater! Can't wait to see the new blog design :)

  7. That little flamingo swimsuit... so cute!

  8. I love everything! I can see why you bought it all!

  9. Love everything! I might have to buy the flamingo suit.

  10. The shorts!! I hope they don't scream mom because I want them and am not one.

  11. love EVERYTHING!!


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