How to childproof your iPhone

I remember telling myself when P was little that I was going to hand her the phone as little as humanly possible. For one she is a baby so really she needs face time of the real variety as opposed to the Steve Jobs inspired variety. While I knew that we wouldn't be able to keep her away from all the apple loving items of the world for long I also knew at some point I would be desperate.

Because let's face it, if playing an app of preschool variety on my iPhone saves me from an all out temper tantrum inside of Target. So be it. Mom's happy, baby is happy and so is everyone else in the store.

When a friend told me that I could basically disable my touchscreen so P couldn't leave an app I sat and stared at her bug eyed and tongue out. If your children are anything like my child, well she likes to talk to Siri. A lot. Then when she doesn't want to talk to Siri anymore she gets pissed. A pissed baby with a $700+ iPhone is not a good thing.

Here is how to childproof your phone.

Under settings on your iPhone scroll down to General and then to Accessibility.
Once there scroll down almost all the way to the bottom. You will find a section called learning and underneath it will say Guided Access.
Swipe that bad boy on. From here enable Guided Access and as you can see from the screenshot below it will not let you leave an app without a password. You just triple click the home button three times and it starts Guided Access. I can even choose a part of the screen to disable (which is great when FaceTiming Grandma!) If I put on Bubble Guppies and she wants to talk to Siri. Guess what? Siri doesn't want to talk to you.

If I was a guessing woman I would think a parent is behind this idea! It's brilliant and why didn't' I know about it sooner!?

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  1. Guided access is a lifesaver!! My sister introduced me to it and it saved a 12 hour car ride!! I use it all the time with Miller when he uses the iPad

  2. I can think of hundred of people that would find this so useful!!

  3. Perfect for my toddler who loves my phone!!

    liz @ sundays wth sophie

  4. We love Guided Access! Total game changer!

  5. Yes to guided access!! One thing I'd add--disable the feature where they can delete apps! It's horrible when your child deleted an app but you have no idea which one! Settings--General--Restrictions--turn off Deleting Apps.

  6. I LOVE this! I have it set on all our phones and iPads!

  7. I use this with Connor. He is so "app happy" that I have to!