Loving Lately

You know that feeling when you just want all the things? I am currently experiencing it and attempting to tell it to shut the heck up. Last time I checked we didn't win the powerball so these lusts need to get under control. However there is (as always, per usual) so much stuff I am lovin' lately. So let's put it here instead of a virtual shopping cart.

Ashton Wedge Ankle Bootie
I'm in dire need of new black booties because my Target ones just aren't cutting it anymore. I like the rubber sole on these and think 3.5" high is just the right height.

You know I obsess over anything floral and this one fits the bill in both colors. I have this sitting on my Nordstrom wish list waiting for it to go on sale. 
I have a slight problem with crib sheets. I like to have a lot of options when it comes to deciding which one I am going to put on P's bed. This latest pattern by Lou Lou Handmade has me all heart eyed emoji!

Love this shirt because I think it would be great for work but I could also wear it out and still feel trendy. Like the model I think this would pair well with shorts too!

These are my absolute favorite pair of jeans. I own two pairs and that's because I have stuck my foot through the holes twice and ripped open the holes too big. (I know #idiot) I am so tempted to purchase a third pair - is that nutty? They are that amazing.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Definitely not nutty - at all! I always want all the things too ...... ;)

  2. Oh those booties need to be mine!! They are awesome! Great wants girl.

  3. love the tank and blouse. wish I could get those sheets in a full kenleys big girl room

  4. Love those jeans! I've been on the hunt to invest in some good brand jeans lately.

  5. That tank top is beautiful; you better let me know if it goes in sale!

  6. i love the tank, blouse and jeans! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. I need to jump on the ripped jean trend asap!! :) and love that floral crib sheet ... Oh how I wish my little one slept in her crib - then I would have an excuse to buy cute sheets for her! But of course she likes to snuggle with me (and my boob) ALL night :/

  8. I definitely go in waves of wanting everything and then not liking anything when I actually have the money to spend haha!

  9. I love your picks! My faves are the silk memory blouse and that Dolce Vita floral tank!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane