Remind Me

clip // jacket (similar)

Remind me of this face

When goldfish are being smashed on the floor
When she is frustrated because she doesn't have a vocabulary yet
When she screams during a diaper change

Remind me.

Of this face
These lips
This "give mama a kiss" expression

Remind me

When she refuses to eat her dinner
When she doesn't give a rat's ass about the word no
When she fights bedtime

Remind me.

One day my house will be clean
There will be no more diapers to change
Bathtubs will be void of toys

And all I'll have is memories


  1. Okay that brought tears to my eyes! It's so true and although watching the kids grow is such a amazing thing it also makes me so sad. Time goes by too quickly. No!!!

  2. Sweetest little picture! Hope this is framed somewhere around the house!

  3. So sweet Laura! My mom always told me to cherish the nights when Oliver is keeping me up because they won't last forever and I'll miss our quiet time together when he's all grown!

  4. Awe :) I love this. Motherhood is so hard but so fleeting. It's good to remind ourselves of the latter through the hard times. xo

  5. Love this! You have the best way of putting all of those (and exactly my) feelings into words!!!

  6. Precious Precious! Such a gift!

  7. I so know that I will horribly miss these days! But oh how I would love my clean & clutter free house again!

  8. Beautiful! It's so important to live in the moment because soon everything will be just a memory!