Loving Lately

As much as I love summer oh man I forget how much I hate the heat. It's been triple digits in my town and they are expected to last all week and thensome. Woof! So we have been logging a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Well, Presley has at least, while we hide under the shade of an umbrella and let her pour water over our feet.

Here is a little round up of things I am loving to help beat the heat!

Peplum Cami
For years I have tried on various peplum tops because I love the idea of them. However when you're more than blessed in the chest area finding one that fits well is a challenge. I love love love this camisole and so wish it came in other colors. It has one small drawback and that is the straps are a smidgen too long and tend to slide off but it's not too bothersome. It's flowy enough but still rocks a great shape. (The photo really does it no favors but trust me and try it on!)

Graphic Tank
I can totally picture me in this top - snuggling my dog.
Krause Dress
I would love to wear this dress in some family photos but the reality is with that price tag it's never gonna happen! Also I would def close it more in front haha!

Gladiator Lace Up Wedge
Umm these may have to find a way into my closet.
ASOS fuller bust line
If you can't buy swimsuits at Victoria's Secret, ASOS is a great option with their fuller bust line. Plus they always have cute prints and great prices!

Now excuse me while I go eat another popsicle and hang out under the air conditioner!


  1. Ugh, the heat is so ridiculous here too! How did you even handle the Giants game?! And ASOS for swim swear... Who knew?! Thanks for the tip! ;-)

  2. I love that swimsuit!! We've been logging a lot of time in the kiddy pool too, so.freaking.hot.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I always add items with a higher price tag to my favorites list, so I can easily see when they go on sale in the future. I think I currently have over 100 items favorited on revolve..haha. That would definitely be one I'd keep my eye on though, it's beautiful!