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As the names begin to roll out about the victims of the terrible shooting spree that took place in Orlando my heart, like many, is heavy. Heavy that people who have so much hate in their heart exist in this world.

In order to do better, we must be better.

When I wrote the post Leave her Wild for my daughter I specifically wrote person as opposed to man. That was absolutely purposeful because in my mind I don't care who she wants to marry as long as she is loved and happy. We have got to do away with these archaic ways of thinking!

Love is Love is Love is Love.

This was a hate crime. This is terrorism.

This has got to end.


  1. The victim stories coming out now are positively breaking my heart.

  2. So heartbreaking! The amount of hate in this country is so so sad, I don't even begin to break this cycle. Love is love is love.

  3. So well said Laura. It breaks my heart to see such hate.

  4. Amen sweet lady! Amen. It breaks my heart!