DIY Spice Display

I don't know about you guys but looking at all my different size spice jars makes me go nutso. I don't want them out on the counter (much to David's dismay) and we used to have them in a drawer - which was another inconvenience not to mention mess. So I saw this pin on Pinterest and decided I would give it a try. 

I ordered these tubes off of Etsy and decided to fill them up with the 20 spices we use the most. When they arrived they were a little skinnier than I imagined. Originally I wanted to display them in a box like the original pin but I couldn't find a rustic one that would fit them. So I went shopping around my house and found an old sorter I had for mail and made it work. 

I also labeled all the spices with my label maker. Hard to see in the photos but easier to see IRL. 

I funneled the spices in by making a funnel out of paper and then just poured it in. After all the time it took to make these, David took one look at them and said "cool, I'll never use those"


Okay so they don't hold a ton of spice but how much do you really use in one recipe?! Sheesh! So I told him after he is done cooking I would refill them when needed. We'll see how that goes...

This would make a great gift for someone just moving into their own place. Because spices are something you acquire over time and it would be nice to get a "starter set" because buying a ton of spices so you have the basics adds up!

It's nothing fancy but hey, it's pretty!!
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  1. omg i LOVEEEEEEE this. also i went on and saw the michael kors watch i want was A HUNDRED DOLLARS off. what the what. so i sent the link to manfriend randomly. we'll see.

  2. That turned out sooo cute! Love the rustic feel!


  3. LOVE this you know!! So cute and looks great on display!

  4. that is absolutely adorable!

  5. Very adorable idea, and I love that shelf too!

    Very rustic feel :)


  6. Really cute but I think it might be hard to measure them out. But, who measures when cooking anyway, right?

  7. Hahah i love your husband's response and reaction because that is how my husband would react too but i think they are still really cute! i love the holder for the test tube spices

  8. I love this idea! I have a drawer filled with a million and one spices...but I could see this making sense for the ones I use the most.


  9. It totally doesn't need to be fancy, love how it turned out! :)

  10. Super cute idea and what a great gift House Warming gift!

  11. um, this is so fun and creative! so glad you found my blog since it led me to yours! look forward to reading more :)