Scenes from Trinity

I'm back from Trinity...which is quite a feat considering my incredibly awful hangover on Saturday that lasted into Sunday. Picture heavy post!
It was a hot one on our drive up! Temperatures topped out at 113 degrees on Tuesday and boy was it blazing! The ice cold Trinity river was calling my name and we couldn't wait to get up there. David had hiked in with a friend on Saturday so it was just me and my girl, Kerri for the drive up. 
Our home for the next four days. We like to call this glamping!
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In Trinity everyone has a sleeping porch it's pretty awesome! Ours backs up the wilderness but David's parents cabin across the way backs up to the river. So peaceful and easy to fall asleep - when you're not thinking about bears!
It also makes for great snuggling!
Wednesday we had a rare thunder and lightening storm and it poured rain (for about 1/2 hour)! That was kind of exciting and the next day you would have no idea how bad it stormed!
On 4th of July we took the boat out on the lake which is always a good time. Only bummer was the lake was super low.

See where the water line should have been?
After a full day of boating we BBQ'd back at the cabins. 
We usually head up to Trinity with more of David's family but his brother and sister (and their husbands and wives) couldn't make it this year :( The day after the fourth we headed up to Cherry Flats where it took me about 45 minutes to jump from the rock! 
Since this was our last night at the cabin we went big and by big I mean hate your life on Saturday big.
Sunburnt and headed to a hangover!
My mother-in-law won the dart tourney!! So I was just celebrating extra hard for her!

This was a very rough departing day!!
Only 358 more days until we return!


  1. so amazing! that picture in the boat with the american flag thing is sooooo awesome!

  2. UM this seems like the best weekend ever!! and totally agree with Katie, that picture is really cool!

  3. I seriously have to get up there. My Dad, brother and nephews were just up there and spent the whole time in the river! Looks so fun!

  4. Looks like a blast!! Love the pic of you and the flag as well!

  5. Looks like my kind of good time!

  6. I LOVE that scarf! Looks like an awesome weekend! I'd have to take a pass on that sleeping porch. I'd be worried about roaches and spiders crawling on me all night. Finn and his cousin are too cute! Y'all have the cutest dogs in your family!

  7.!!! last tuesday at this time was SO much better than today :(

  8. looks like such a fun weekend - i'm not into camping but I think I could get into glamping. love the pooches - thanks for stopping by my blog. looking forward to reading more of yours!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak