Camping Prep

Happy July!
I am so excited it's the first week of July and tomorrow I am off on vacation to Trinity! We have a cabin in Trinity Alps Resort that the Parker's have vacationed to since David was 5 years old. While my family went on vacation often we didn't have a place we returned to year after year. So it's really neat to be a part of a tradition I know my children will also have growing up.
In fact it is such a special spot, my sister-in-law even got engaged there in 2010!

This is us in 2005, my first year up in Trinity.

So in eager anticipation I thought I would put together a necessities list for braving the outdoors. (Even though we're in cabins with a general store and bar right across the suspension bridge!)
Camping Chair
A camping chair with a footrest is pure genius! Perfect for sitting out by the river or huddled around a fire. We used to have one but sadly it busted earlier this year. Also note this is an online only order so plan ahead!
Even though we have a shower in our cabin make up wipes are a must. Noelle raved about these on her blog so I am going to try them out this trip.

The gross reality for the outdoors for me is the mosquitos. They LOVE me and when they decide to go on the attack I can get rather miserable. Every year I try out something new to ward them off. I found this product at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's a patch I put on my body to repel them for up to 48 hours. Would be pretty awesome if it works...but I won't hold my breath.
Also a new product that intrigued me. I don't know about you guys but putting on lotion sometimes is just straight up effort. I assume this bottle will be gone by the end of the week but I am curious to see how I like it.
I posted about this on Friday but these are a must!! Lidded to keep out the bugs!
The jacket is the.shit. It comes in about a bajillion colors as well. It's great for when it starts to get chilly at night because it really keeps you warm!
These are on a CRAZY good deal if you use the link above. I bought this exact pair last year for around $50.00 (which was still a deal) and they are great for wearing in the water and hiking. If you do this sort of activity a lot I would consider buying a pair.
This is great for stumbling walking around the resort late night!
I am so looking forward to our vacation especially because I take public transportation to work and they are supposed to strike today!! It will be an absolute NIGHTMARE commuting into San Francisco if they do - I could have a mild panic attack but I am remaining optimistic!!
And last but not least...Finn received an
So blame it on the super moon or whatever but he's back his old self...hold the Xanax for Finn, mama is going to need it for her commute in the morning!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. We're going camping too this weekend! STOKED!! Have fun girl!

  2. im only allowing this camping post because you are going to be in a cabin with shower.

    tent with no bathroom-no way ;)

  3. CAN.NOT.WAIT.!!!! Trinity 2013 ❤ don't forget to pack Cards Against Humanity!! I am so excited I can't sleep!! xo

  4. Yay so happy Finn is ok! I've been wanting to try that Vaseline lotion spray. It's one of those "why didn't I think of that??" things. Yikes! Hope you make it to work ok! Have fun camping!

  5. You are a brave woman to go camping! The last time I went camping everything bad that could happen, did. I think the "De-Bug" would have helped a ton!


  6. I plan on doing so much camping this summer and fall, I am so glad I found this! & I am so glad I found your blog. Can't wait to read more!

    xo. Kailagh

  7. My parents were just up there at a cabin. I have yet to make it up there, it's supposed to be so gorgeous.