Phone Talk

Random Snapshots from my phone
Speaking of phone...
iPhone 5s or 6 where the hell are you? My 4 is on straight up HOSPICE - can't even record a 55 second video of Finn on my phone with it having a heart attack. I am about to sign some DNR paperwork on you!
You can find that cute glittery wallpaper here!
My husband thinks that this is my alter ego. And although I should probably be insulted by this he swears it is because of my love of blankets. And it's true -- I love them. So therefor I totally embrace being this Muppet. Because when I am not her...I'm her
and I totally embrace that as well!
Talk about a FLASHBACK! Before I was queen of blankets I was queen of Barbie. In fact when my sister was pregnant with my first nephew (I have two sister, 5 nephews) I told them that if they ever had a girl my Barbie fortune was off-limits. I have it ALL, the dream house, the RV, the hot dog stand, the corvette...I could go on for days. Since it was the only thing I really wanted to pass onto my own children one day I figured by the time I came around to having kids it would be destroyed. Well...7 years later and I have no nieces. So they think I cursed them!
It's pressure womb.
My sweet tailless pup and I out for a walk...his shadow was cracking me up.
My hubs knows I love me some french toast - Finn and mama approved! And yes his hair is naturally crimped!


  1. I LOVED Barbies too. I probably played with them until I was 12. An LSU cheerleader Barbie is actually the first thing I bought Shelby. ;-) I had the corvette and RV, never a house. I think my parents thought they took up too much room :(

  2. Mokey Fraggle? I feel like I'd be Red. You did watch that show right..?

  3. Oh my gosh that muppet alter ego is TOO funny, and I love Finn's crimped hair!


  4. HA!! The muppet is too funny! And totally forgot about that cartoon!

  5. I'm pretty sure the 5s or 6 is going to out really soon, I've even heard by like september, so just hang in there!


  6. I was obsessed with Barbies growing up! Seriously, hours were spent playing with them! ha

  7. I am totally holding out for the iPhone 5s or 6! My 4 is about to hit the dust as well, my top right button hasn't worked in months!


  8. OMG, his hair is so adorable!! And, you sound like my sister. she was so obsessed with Barbie back in the day!

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  10. I'm new to the blog. I love dogs and I love the '80s, so the crimped hair is adorbs! :)

  11. 1. You and your hubs are hilarious!
    2. Love the iphone wallpaper
    3. Is that a Louis V I spy? I have one too, love it!

  12. Hahaha your phone is on hospice. That's hilarious. First time visitor and you had me laughing at the 3rd sentence