Since today's post is a late one I am jumping on the bandwagon of Emily, Shelby, Ally & Natalie!

4 nicknames:

Nai (pronounced Nay)

4 jobs I've had:

Sales Associate at Baby Gap (Ahh foreshadowing of my favorite baby store?!)
Sales Associate at a sunglass kiosk (wtf was I thinking?)
Commercial Property Management

4 movies I've watched more than once:

Dirty Dancing
The Notebook
Knocked Up
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

4 things in my purse:

A toy of P's
Loveswept perfume
a (now empty) box of jujubees

4 books I would recommend:

The Other Boelyn Girl (My fav!!) If you're into things like Dowtown Abbey you will love this book!
The Girl on the Train current read for book club and really liking it!
Two Kisses for Maddie you can also read Matt's blog HERE. He doesn't update it all that regularly but you will find some gems in his old posts.
A Dog's Purpose every dog lover needs to read this book!
 4 cars I have owned:

1993 Green Honda Accord (Named Turbo)
1994 Red Toyota Celica (Named Roxy)
2002 Red Honda Accord (Named Val)
2013 White Toyota 4Runner (Named Betty)

4 places I have visited:

New York
 The gorgeous Na Pali coast in Kauai on our honeymoon

4 places to visit on my bucket list:

Africa to go on a safari (#1!)
Bora Bora
Southern Italy

4 of my favorite foods:

French Toast

4 television shows I watch:

Parenthood (Slowly getting caught up on Netflix)
The Affair (SO GOOD!)
Reality anything (sad but true those Teen Mom's are captivating for some reason)
4 things I am looking forward to in 2015:

Swim lessons I just signed up for with P!
Our annual 4th of July trip to Trinity
Hopefully at some point being able to stay at home


  1. I feel like "A Dog's Purpose" would have me in tears by the end of the book! Great list!

  2. I need a new show to binge watch, and The Affair is at the top of my list! I will have to see if we have access to old episodes!

  3. um, team mom will always be my fave. sorry not sorry.

    1. Yes Teen Mom! I have been watching from the beginning and I'm way too invested to stop now!

  4. That is so funny you name your cars, I've always named mine too! And um, you have a travel buddy in me for ANY of those destinations!

  5. LOVE Two Kisses for Maddie - I cried through the entire thing (on a plane - ha)! Watermelon and ravioli are my love language! What a fun list - I copied and did my own!! :)

  6. LOVE this - will have to put it on the list for next week!!
    Dirty Dancing is my best movie of all time...

  7. love this list :) tahiti is on my travel wish list too and i was just talking to H the other day about signing violet up for swim lessons... im not sure how old she should be to do it but since we live so close to the ocean i'd like to get her started early! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Hey there! New follower here and I am looking forward to linking up with you on Friday.

  9. The is like a magnet, I have to watch it every single time it comes on tv, commercials and all...even though I own the movie!!

  10. Love that you name your cars! ;) I need to read A Dog's Purpose right away, I'm sure I'd love it!
    I saw a couple episodes of Nashville randomly and really liked it so I think I need to watch from the beginning! Is it on Netflix??