Friday's Fancies: Fruit Inspired

Fruit Inspired

Brian Atwood pumps (no longer available) // polish // bangle // bracelet // romper // purse

Apologies again because the only thing affordable on this photo is the pomegranate. Joking.
you can also probably afford the nail polish, bracelet and dress if you're feeling spendy! If it makes anyone feel better both the romper and purse are on sale...nah didn't help.

Inspired by my favorite fruit this is a look I would like to rock to work or anywhere I wanted to feel important and awesome. I would also be cruising along in my white Audi A4...hey I always said if you're going to dream - dream BIG!

So happy it's Friday! Tonight we are off to celebrate my friend Kerri's 30th birthday at a country bar called Saddlerack. I've never been but live country music and a bull is a big fat 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend as always! 

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  1. Such a good look, I'm obsessed with those pumps...I love Brian Atwood. And I have that nail polish!

    You have me craving a pomegranate martini now. Little early for a drink though...whoops.


  2. I love that same shade of NARS blush [orgasm] and I always feel funny because it lasts me a year, so every year I put it on my Christmas list and my family laughs [awkward], but I didn't even know they made nail polish! Jealous of your night out tonight, there's nothing better than LIVE country, ahh, enjoy :)

  3. That romper is so cute...would be perfect for Labor Day! Just sayin'! ;)

  4. Hi Laura!
    The Saddlerack is still around? I went there a million years ago once. Have fun!
    I love that Nars polish color. Might have to pick up a bottle of that!

  5. I've heard that Saddlerack is a great time! I have been wanting to go!

    I am loving that romper you picked out :)

    Happy Friday!


  6. Ahh love that DVF romper!! And it's on sale too! Everything you picked out is super cute!

  7. Love them all, but especially loving that romper!! So cute!

  8. I've never been to Saddlerack but have wanted to go forever! Let me know how it is!

  9. i have NOTHING to wear tonight except my boots. #strangetimes

  10. That's a romper?! Obsessed with the style and print!