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So you all have heard me talk about The Dailey Method and although I have gone to all of three classes I am really enjoying it. So much so that I may need to seriously think about dropping some cash if it gets me into an exercise routine.

One of the things that really struck a cord with me was when class was in savasana the instructor said "thank your body for everything it was able to do today"

As hard as this workout was for me I was able to do it. I felt so grateful for what my body could do physically - even if I have been a bit neglectful of her at times.

Than I got to thinking about a quote I always see on Pinterest to the effect of -

If you had today only the things you were thankful for yesterday...what would you have?

So I am hooking up with Stephanie for her Insta Gratitude weekly linkup because I think it is so important to realize all the things we do have instead of often focusing on all the things we don't. And of course there are an endless amount of things to be grateful for...these are just a few.

this face

I honestly believe it was fate that he became ours. He is the perfect addition to our family and I choke up just imagining that one day he won't be here - then I remember he is immortal and all is right in the world again.

My Body

For being able to still get up everyday and function. I am mad that you don't look like you did in college but I promise to start taking better care of you.

My Job

Hey it's not my dream but it allows me to pay the bills. And go shopping...I like shopping.
And because I have a job and some money left over this little gem is on her way to me.
 BB Dakota Jacket
BB Dakota Jasper Drape Front Jacket

David's Rational* Thinking

Okay now this sounds silly but I am very spontaneous. I usually say yes to something and then think about the how, where, why after. David on the other hand is completely opposite (*most times). And bummed as I was that we were not going home in a shiny new 2014 car on Saturday. I am so grateful that he is protecting our nest egg for something much greater - a home. Living in the Bay Area is tough, the real estate market is brutal and with me hoping to get pregnant in the near future. A home needs to be our priority. For a moment I was getting distracted by a shiny object but two days later I am glad we still have all our savings intact!

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  1. Great list! Love that jacket ;) I agree, saving for a home is priority :) We're in our 2nd home we've purchased in 3 years - BUY YOUNG!! :)

    IG: megawat

  2. I will admit, sometimes I do get caught up will all the "stuff", especially when I read blogs and see so many pretty things! ;) But it is nice to step back and focus on the important things like health and thank you for this post! Made me smile and think about what I am so grateful for :) xx

  3. thanks for this post, a good reminder! but on another note, that jacket is supa cute :) happy hump day!

  4. Such a sweet are so blessed!! I can't wait to see you SOOO soon!

  5. Great post. We really all have so much to be grateful for, there are people with such different, more difficult lives around the world. We're very safe and very fortunate to live where we do and have the lives we do.

    I've read how brutal the real estate market is in The Bay Area, I may envy you for living where you do...but I don't envy you for the price of real estate there!


  6. i would love to live in the bay area, I would probably live in a shoe box though. love your "gratidue's" this week babe

  7. Instead of me always want, want, want I need to start being thankful for what I have. It's so hard to be like that with how the world has become. There's always something new and better out for you to want. As soon as you get the new iPhone the new model is coming out 6 months later! Blogging makes it really hard too. Everyday we see clothes we constantly want to buy and trips we want to go on. I know for me personally I need to take a step back and instead of always wanting something new be thankful for what I already have.

  8. Great things to be thankful for...I am right there with you on some things..grateful I have a hubby that has financial logical thinking and I am able to splurge on a shopping occasion or two ;)

  9. ahh what a cute face!! i was gone from monday morning and planning on coming home on wednesday afternoon, why because i missed my dogs, shh don't tell my husband but they are so cute and so funny, it is hard to be away from them!

  10. Hey! Just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! Happy to be vollowing :)

    <3, Charlotte