Having a blog makes me want to...


I see so much cute stuff online everyday that it makes me want to get my shop on as much as Miley likes to twerk! Plus with my Lovin' Lately posts I only fuel that desire further. I say it's in my bones - I am a retail baby. After all my mom worked at Macy's for over 18 years and you have to get it from somewhere right? Gosh just imagine how much worse it would be if she had worked at Nordstrom!

Problem is my house is oh...idk...maybe 700 sq ft? And pretty well decorated if I do say so myself. But I like switching things up at home!


Until we buy I subject David to endless hours of HGTV.


Because of course I want to decorate a nursery (please see #2 and #1) take photo shoots, have a pregnancy chalkboard, build a teepee, rub my belly
but then I remember how much I like to sleep...
and drink...
and how I can leave my dog alone for long stretches of time...
 I love the ideas and inspiration I get from blogging and pinterest but sometimes it can be overwhelming!
Random thoughts for Thursday.
Also would like to wish a very Happy 30th birthday to my very best friend, Kerri!

Here's a #throwback to David's thrift shop 30th!
 (Look I was rocking Kimye's name before it was cool - and yes we found those awesome outfits at good will in SF, mine even has my name embroidered on it!)
Love you, Mean it Ker!!


  1. You sound just like me!! Everyday I want something new I've seen on someone else's blog and I kind of want to have a baby now?! Um no, this is not good! I'm not going to have a baby anytime soon just like I'm not going to buy that top I saw on someone's blog but it's the fact I always am wanting something everyday. It's bad. Probably should stop reading so many blogs!!

  2. i hear ya. its addicting IG doesnt help either

  3. Haha blogging makes me want to do all three of those! I was actually telling my husband last night my baby fever wouldn't be so bad if I didn't see cute bumpdates and precious babies all over blogs all day! But of course I can't stop reading them, so that would be my fault lol


  4. I'm with you on the spending money...blogging is extremely dangerous for your bank account. I have yet to have baby fever hit me though... I'm enjoying life just the two of us for us now. I'm sure it will come eventually!


  5. All of these are so spot on. And I have two babies and I can definitely say do not have any until you are absolutely ready! I remember the days of just having a dog...ah being able to leave him alone for long stretches! Ha!

  6. YEP! I hear you!! I'm trying to create a whole new wardrobe before the bach party this weekend...it's sick. And all of the pregnancy things are SO much more fun when you're a blogger. You just wait. And yay...happy birthday to Kerri!! The big 3-0!!!

  7. First.. I have to mention how much I love the GIF. My first car was red..and I called int Veruca Salt dress red, so naturally, my license plate frame said, "But Daddy I want an oompa loompa now!" haha. And #3..agreeeeed! #1 and #2 are a given as a blogger, but when I get an urge for all things for #3, I remember how much I enjoy wine with dinner and time to myself on the weekends to curl on the couch and watch all my DVR'd reality shows. :)

  8. Yep! Same here...every single thing on this list! Also on mine...have a fabulous wedding and take amazing vacations ;)

  9. Oh yes. Spend money. When I read blog posts and look on Pinterest my internal dialogue goes like this, "WANT WANT WANT WANT"!

    I need to change that somehow...


  10. Preach it.
    I have such a hard time not falling prey to Kate Spade Surprise Sales!


  11. YEP! I agree with all of these things... blogging always makes me feel like I'm behind on SOMETHING in my life! I should be decorating, having babies, going on more trips, cooking more food... all of it!

  12. I can totally relate! And yes many of your "lovin lately" posts make my imaginary wallet go broke! As frustrating it is that all the things I WANT i can't HAVE it is fun to dream...and wish! and I love your "thrift shop" costume, that is such a fun theme.

  13. ha i love that part of charlie and the chocolate factory, she is so annoying! blogging does make me spend too geesh all the super cute things whether jewelry clothes or nail polish, cant someone pay all these things and just send them to me?

  14. I love all of these - minus make a baby because we just did that ;) I had a breakdown with the hubby the other day about how I need a ton of money to decorate and shop as I please ha-ha so I feel ya girl!

    Instagram: megawat

  15. I'm telling you!
    Maybe even yesterday.
    Maybe we need O.S.A. - Over Shoppers Anonymous
    Just a thought.

  16. I completely agree with you! Then I realize I have no money and am no where near ready for kids! My puppy is hard enough work! One day our blogging/Pinterest dreams will come true though! Check out my blog at www.melaniegetsmarried.blogspot.com, I'm a new follower!

  17. haha i couldn't agree more with this post!! i feel the same way!!

  18. OMG I love this, I agree completely! Thanks for stopping by my blog I am glad it brought me here!