Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend was dedicated to watching my nephews who are three and seven years old. And goodness they are a handful - especially the little one. He is sooooo cute, but before you know it he's calling you a "poopyheady" and throwing matchbox cars all around the house.
On Sunday I did some errand running because I did plan on finally putting together my wedding album of the non-photo variety. All the little keepsakes I collected throughout the process. So I was on the hunt for some washi tape in gold and white stripes which of course I could not locate.
So Michael's turned into Bed, Bath & Beyond, which then turned into Pottery Barn, which turned into Williams-Sonoma.
And ya know what? All I bought was nail polish.
The always classic ballet slippers by Essie
But I did discover this
and you know how this makes me feel...
And Sunday came to a close with dinner and drinks with my man candy.
and of course we had our child with us as well!
Nothing too exciting around these parts. Hope you all had a good one! I am super looking forward to this short week and heading up to Tahoe and seeing Natasha and family for Labor Day weekend!
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  1. Looks like so much fun - I'm def excited about Labor Day, too. Need this break!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend and i want that blanket, too :) xoxoxo

  3. Ohhh I love that blanket! So jealous you got to go out to dinner, it's hard for us with a little one ;)


  4. sounds like a fun little weekend! I went on a washii tape hunt a few weeks ago, and couldn't find any of the colors/patterns I wanted, either. What is up with that? I guess ordering online may be the way to go. Jealous you're going to Tahoe, you lucky duck...Happy Monday, ugh!

  5. Corners Tavern! I love that place!!!! They have the best burger you will ever have!

    That blanket looks pretty cozy- perfect for winter :/


    1. So true! But last night I got the flounder and it was DELICIOUS!!

  6. Ohhh, that blanket looks so comfy! Love it :) I can never have enough blankets/throws in my house...
    You're long weekend plans sound fun! I've never been to Tahoe, but I've heard it's absolutley beautiful!!

  7. oooh that blanket i would love to wrap myself up in that blanket and drink a mug of hot chocolate, yum!! and having a date with your man candy is one of the best ways to end your weekend that and hanging out with your precious dog too

  8. Whenever we go visit Theo's nephews I love seeing them but by the end of the weekend I'm happy to go home! Boys can be a handful!

  9. and all I bought was nail polish.


  10. That blanket! I must have it haha! Enjoy your week :)

  11. soft woooooobie....Ya gave me a good idea..I have all my wedding keepsakes, but haven't done anything with them yet..and we are coming up on 2 years! lol

  12. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! And ballet slippers by Essie is such a staple!

  13. That nailpolish is definitely one of my favorite can never go wrong with it. And Lord...your ring! It's so freaking gorgeous!

    Your pup is so cute :)

  14. Great recap. Sounds like a great shopping weekend! Love that polish too!

  15. It always seems like one trip turns into five. Must be our shopping addiction :)

    Love your nail polish! Girlie and pretty :)