Scenes from the Weekend

David pulled a fast one on me and surprised me a weekend back with a trip to Mendocino, CA. We left super late in the day on Saturday and I had no idea where we were headed. We are often taking the side roads and crazy routes to go places in typical Parker fashion. So whenever we go a bit off the beaten path I tend not to think twice about it. 
Had to snap a picture of Finn in cow version!

The day was getting later and later and I kept asking where on earth are we going? We then crossed into Mendocino county and it dawned on me he was up to something. 
And was he! He surprised me with a little B&B on the coast!
View from our veranda.
King size bed - room enough for three!
After checking in we headed down to the beach. 
Wine and the ocean and plenty of blankets make me a very happy girl!
He questions my nighttime photography skills. 
After we went to the beach it was too late to find a place to eat so we just went to the local market and picked up salami, cheese, wine and crackers. It was a perfect end to the evening! And the next morning we had breakfast in bed and watched The Princess Bride. I was in heaven!!

I have to say having a phone out of range and a very thoughtful gesture by David filled my heart. He really surprised me and I feel so blessed that after almost 10 years of being together he still knocks me off my feet. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!!
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  1. Gosh, you're a lucky gal! Looks dreamy and fun!

  2. cool. im moving to cali. sigh.

  3. You two are too cute!!! Love the little getaway!!

  4. how fun! love spontaneous little trips like this :)

  5. Oh my goodness, your hubs is the sweetest! Looks like you all had a great trip away, love that your dog went too :)

    Instagram: megawat

  6. Awww this is so sweet! I love that you bring your puppy with you, we bring Jamo everywhere we possibly can.


  7. Princess Bride? Yeah, one of my all time favorite movies! And I think next time, I should just come with you so these can be scenes from my weekend too ;) beautiful.

  8. So fun!!! I love that you were able to bring Finn to the B&B too! What a fun weekend!

  9. ahh what a sweet things your husband planned for you two or three getting to bring Finn. I love being able to take our dogs wit us. Mendocino is so pretty. Im glad you had such a wonderful weekend

  10. What a wonderful, and unexpected weekend!
    Sometimes the unexpected weekends are the best!
    You and your dog are just adorable :)

  11. Wow what an awesome surprise!!! Your dog is so damn cute, omg! Looks like a BLAST! I'm a tad jealous ;)